365 involved producing a drawing a day for 365 days. Louise Bourgeois, when talking about her insomnia drawings described them as thought feathers. Whilst I had started “365 days” with attempting to capture visually pure feeling it seemed too exhausting to do this for a whole year, rather than feeling however, it became about capturing the “thought feather” subsequently I attempted to let my mind wander to see what my hand produced. Sometimes it was fleeting and very occasionally I grasped and held on to the thought. At other times I allowed myself the luxury of purely recording what was in front of me whilst allowing my mind to escape in another direction. Avis Newman suggests that Drawing deals with fragmentation that it is a site of enquiry, response and invention and in that sense it becomes a philosophical activity. I have recognized this within the project and see 365 as an essential on going part of my practice. The drawing in essence is the research – elements of both the uncanny and the sublime collide with the phenomenology of place.