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Oil on Canvas

76 x 76cm, 81 x 81cm Framed

This painting has been professionally framed in a beautiful Paynes Grey tray frame.

This painting is available to purchase immediately from this site. Should you wish to see further close up images and or a video of the painting please do not hesitate to contact me. In addition you would be welcome to visit the studio for a viewing.

Mackerel Sky

  • A Mackerel Sky -cirrocumulus or altocumulus clouds, which are middle-level, heap-like clouds that often appear in rows, like sand ripples in a tidal pool, or more accurately, like scales on a mackerel. Mares’ tails describe thin and wispy cirrus clouds, which are indicative of strong high-level winds.

    What is a mackerel sky? It’s a name given to a sky covered with those same puffy cirrocumulus and altocumulus clouds arranged in a pattern of waves, with blue sky peeking through so that it resembles the scales on the back of a mackerel.

    Mariners knew that the combination of “mare’s tail” cirrus clouds above “mackerel scales” altocumulus clouds meant deteriorating weather conditions—high winds and precipitation was coming, so the sails should be lowered to keep them protected

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