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“I attempt to grasp the feeling of a place before it disintegrates allowing the painting to become a metaphor for the lived experience.”

My paintings are inspired by the natural world, be that botanical forms, an endless horizon, or the rugged coastlines of the UK. Having moved to the village of Newnham on Severn in the Forest of Dean, I am excited to explore the experiences and landscapes of both river and forest in future collections.

Noticing shapes, patterns and textures, I attempt to capture, through the sensory medium of paint, the mood of the place or a moment in time. Using both Oil and Acrylic I predominantly paint on canvas. I paint intuitively allowing the painting to develop slowly but attempting to capture the energy or light. I build up layers in paint and drawn marks until a rich texture evolves and the composition is ready to be refined.

Having graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in Fine Art, I was honoured to have been shortlisted for the National Graduate award and gain representation with London based art consultants Artiq.

I regularly exhibit at The Sanctuary Studio & Gallery, in Gloucestershire, of which I am director. In addition I am represented by Greenstage Gallery in Herefordshire.

Exhibiting widely, I have developed a loyal collector base and have works held in both UK and International private and public collections. 

I enjoy teaching but like to see myself as more of a facilitator – it is my passionate belief that all humans have a creative capacity and can make and more importantly express themselves through whatever artistic medium they are interested in. I have taught adult learners at the University of Southampton and also run life drawing workshops for Secondary School pupils, whilst occasionally running residential painting workshops for both the beginner and more experienced artist. 

“I am interested in pushing boundaries and am always trying to grow my understanding of what and how we see contemporary painting”
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