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River to Sea

We have recently moved to Gloucestershire and live beside the River Severn. This mighty river, famous for its tidal bore, is Britain's longest river. It flows for 220 miles from its source in the Welsh Cambrian mountains before finally emptying into the sea in the Bristol Channel.

Each morning I look at the river and am amazed at how different it appears from one day to the next. From my kitchen window the river is framed by the rolling Cotswold countryside and the light, reflections, shapes and textures change daily.

I am fascinated by the rivers journey to the sea and the endless coastal paths of the South West. Be it river, sea or lake I am always drawn to water

I am giving myself the luxury of exploring these views in paint. The river has influenced a shift in palette with more greens, ochre, aubergine, teal and Payne’s grey, a deep blue grey of endless variation

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