Heritage Coast

We moved to South Wales in February 2020 and live 6 miles from the spectacular Glamorgan Heritage Coastline. I walk my 2 dogs daily and carry a sketchbook, stopping to record a moment or inspiring rock formation.  These walks inspire the new paintings I am making. Some lean more towards abstraction than others but with all I am attempting to capture a feeling or emotion induced by this magnificent coastline. 


The Glamorgan Heritage Coast stretches for 14 miles, from Aberthaw to Porthcawl with plunging cliffs, secluded coves and breathtaking views. By far the best way to explore the coastline is on foot. The tidal range here is the second highest in the world this, along with the dramatic blue lias cliffs creates unique seascapes.

Not using visual reference material in the studio is essential to allow my own emotion and memory to dictate the placing of colour and shape. I start by applying colourful bold brushstrokes. Working in layers I am often subtracting and scraping back to allow a reveal of what was before attempting to always keep the energy and spontaneity of the initial marks. Towards the end of the process I refine the palette and composition to allow the painting to “breathe” providing space for the viewer to form their own response